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A World Without People
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Name: Thomas Horton

Business Name: Further To Fly Photography LLC


Art Media: Handmade Giclée prints on various media

Art Form: Photography

Artist History:

Tom's inclination to see the world in frames and his ability to compose lines and forms  became apparent at university while he earned his Journalism degree. He supported a portion of his studies with his 35mm and 4×5 photo and darkroom work, but his momentum was cut short when his hands suddenly developed a severe allergic reaction to darkroom chemicals

Forced to abandon still photography, Tom diverted to broadcast journalism. His photography work came to consist of news film and documentary production. While Tom’s career transitioned to the science and technology communications world, including years of photo, video and art direction, graphic design and publication management, he was seldom behind the camera and could not go anywhere near a darkroom.

As digital photography was in its infancy, Tom’s professional life evolved into a teaching career that focused on science, journalism, photography and publications. He began practicing with some of the earliest digital cameras, and successfully reconnected with the viewfinder. Never intending to become a nature and art photography professional, Tom was encouraged and motivated by dozens of admirers who insisted on purchasing his work. As a result, he founded Further To Fly Photography in Dubai, UAE in 2009 to explore his images’ commercial potential.

Tom Horton’s restless spirit has greatly benefited his photo portfolio. He was born and raised in nameless hamlets in Nevada, educated in Salt Lake City, and spent many productive years in San Diego and Sacramento, California. His teaching career took him overseas for 12 years, residing in intriguing, culturally diverse countries such as Syria, the United Arab Emirates, China and Russia. He relocated Further To Fly Photography to Park City, Utah in 2015.

Tom’s portfolio combines the grandeur of western U.S. locales with a striking international component from his overseas adventures. Regardless of longitude and latitude, he seeks drama in the forms, lines and colors of natural subjects. People are not prominent in his work, which Tom confirms is “not a coincidence.”

Artist Statement:

I've never been comfortable explaining what I do. From a practical viewpoint, most photography is art of one kind or another, which makes me an artist, and my job as an artist is to be authentic in presenting my vision of the world and my emotional reaction to it. From a philosophical point of view, there is a great body of thought which maintains that objective reality does not exist, and any claim that one perception is more real than another is inherenty false. Furthermore, it is the task of the observer, not the artist, to understand these viewpoints and place the art in this context. In other words, I don't have to explain myself.