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Stone is used to represent other natural subjects that share the stones' color, pattern, and texture
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Name: David Cornwell

Business Name: Cornwall Stone Art


Art Media: stone mosaic

Art Form: Sculpture

Artist History: David Cornwell was born and grew up in Woodburn, Oregon. He now resides in Seabrook, NH and Park City, Utah where his studio, Cornwell Stone Art, is located. David first began working with cut glass art while in high school. He has continued producing panels and windows of glass since then until one day an inspiration came in a Salt Lake City tile store. A sample of polished granite tile exhibited the same colors and patterns of a wild trout. After much experimentation, he found a way to use granite, marble, and other stone to create the images he once produced with glass. His materials are selected to draw out the characteristics of the subject in his images. The subjects and the stone share common attributes, such as the scales of a fish envisioned in the flecks of feldspar within polished granite. The reflection of light off the polished stone gives the impression of light coming through the works, even in a dark surrounding space. His work has been selected to show in exhibitions and art shows around Utah such as the Kimball Art Festival, the Utah Art Festival, St George Art Festival and others.

Artist Statement: A beautiful mountain trout freed from Verdi Fire granite, clouds envisioned in polished marble, and other natural subjects are the themes of David Cornwell's stone art. Using his training as a stained glass artist, he has discovered a way to cut and shape the granite, marble, onyx, and stone tiles to create images we see in nature. Stones are selected by their unique color, pattern, and texture to produce a palette as distinctive as a painter's colors. Meticulous cutting and fitting turns the pieces into natural subjects that share the stones' character.